Worldbox Mod APK Unlock All Traits (Premium Unlocked)

worldbox mod apk
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Worldbox Mod APK

Maxim Karpenko



Jun 22, 2023

5.0 and Up

76 MB

Google play icon

4.5 Star Ratings


  • Unlock All Traits
  • Premium Unlocked

To download Worldbox Mod APK, Follow these simple steps:

  • Click on Download Button given above, and Worldbox will start downloading.
  • Once downloaded, make sure to allow unknown source installation from setting.
  • Click on APK file to begin installation.
Worldbox mod apk

About The Game

Worldbox Mod APK is a popular mobile game that allows players to create and shape their own world. This game has been developed by Maxim Karpenko. Worldbox is a sandbox-style game that gives players full control over their virtual environment. Players can create different landscapes, add creatures and control natural disasters to shape the world they want. The game has been downloaded more than 10 million times across the different platforms, which indicates its popularity among gamers.

The Worldbox Mod APK‘s simple yet intriguing gameplay has captivated many players. In Worldbox, players can create and control their own world by choosing different materials and creatures, adding them to the world and watching them interact with each other. Players can also trigger natural disasters like tornadoes, earthquakes, and meteors that can affect the landscape and the creatures that live on it. This open world gameplay style has been praised for allowing players to use their imagination and creativity to create a unique and personalized virtual world.

Mod APK Features

Premium Unlocked

The Worldbox Mod APK unlocks all the features and premium content that would otherwise be locked in the original game. This includes advanced tools, creature types, and natural disaster options, as well as removing all ads.

Unlimited Shopping

Worldbox unleashes unlimited shopping possibilities, granting access to premium features without denting your wallet. It’s like having a shopping spree without the price tags!

Unlock All Powers

With this Worldbox Mod APK version, I can unlock all my favorite powers. If I ever need more, there’s a fantastic mod available for extreme powers covered in our Worldbox powerbox article.

Unlock All Traits

Worldbox Mod Apk already unlocks plenty of traits, but for those craving even more, our Worldbox unlock all traits article reveals the secrets to obtaining all 75 unlocked traits.

Unlimited Money

The best part? We’re giving away Worldbox for free, so budget concerns vanish. I now have unlimited money to indulge in everything I desire.

Unlock All Weapons

Worldbox doesn’t stop at armor, it also offers a powerbox to unlock all the weapons within the game.

Best Armor

Curious about the best armor in Worldbox? Look no further! Explore our article to discover the world’s ultimate armor.

Best Tools

Thanks to Worldbox Mod APK and the Worldbox powerbox, I can access all my favourite tools, empowering me with premium features to fuel my creativity. It’s all about having a blast and building my dream world!

Why Mod Worldbox APK?

Worldbox Mod APK is a modified version of the game that has several advantages over the original game. The modded version of the game allows players unlimited access to all premium features, including advanced tools, creature types, and natural disaster options. The mod also removes all ads so players can enjoy the game without any interruptions.

The main reason why gamers use Worldbox Mod APK is to unlock additional features and access premium content without paying for it. It gives players access to premium features that would otherwise be locked in the original game. This allows gamers to explore and create their virtual world without restrictions or limitations, giving them a more satisfying gaming experience.

Worldbox For PC

Worldbox is primarily a mobile game that can be downloaded and played on Android devices. However, with the help of an Android emulator, gamers can also play the game on their PC. An Android emulator is software that allows gamers to run Android apps on their PC, making it possible to play mobile games on a larger screen.

In order to play Worldbox Mod APK on PC, players need to download and install an Android emulator such as BlueStacks or NoxPlayer. Once the emulator is installed, players can download and install the Worldbox APK file, which can be downloaded from our website. Once installed, players can launch and play the game on their PC using a mouse and keyboard instead of a touchscreen.

Worldbox For iOS

Worldbox is available to download from the App Store and can be played on all iOS devices including iPhones and iPads. The iOS version of the game offers the same features and gameplay as the Android version, allowing players to create and design their virtual world using their iOS devices.

Tips And Tricks To play Worldbox

  • in worldbox mod apk, you can either choose a random one or create a custom one with the world editor. You can adjust the size, shape, and biome of your world, as well as add islands, mountains, rivers, and other features.
  • To place creatures in your world, you can use the life tool. You can choose from humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, animals, and more. Each race has its own traits and preferences, and will try to build houses, farms, mines, and other structures. They will also form kingdoms and alliances or wars with other races.
  • To influence your world, you can use the god tool. You can give blessings or curses to creatures, such as healing, immortality, madness, or plague. You can also use natural disasters or weapons of mass destruction, such as tornadoes, volcanoes, nukes, or acid rain. Be careful though, as some of these effects can be irreversible or spread uncontrollably.
  • To observe your world, you can use the inspect tool. You can see the stats and details of any creature or kingdom, such as their name, age, health, happiness, inventory, relations, and more. You can also see the history and events of your world, such as wars, rebellions, discoveries, and achievements.
  • To control your world, you can use the time tool. You can pause, resume, or speed up the time in your world. You can also save or load your world at any point. You can have up to four save slots if you buy the premium version of the game.

Can we play it offline?

Worldbox Mod APK is primarily an offline game that can be played without an internet connection. However, players must be connected to the internet when first installing and opening the game. This is because the game needs to download additional data and resources to ensure smooth gameplay. Once the game is installed and the additional data is downloaded, players can easily play offline.

Playing Worldbox Mod offline does not affect gameplay or features available in the game. Players can create and shape their world, add creatures and trigger natural disasters without an internet connection. However, players must be connected to the internet to access online features such as sharing their worlds with other players or downloading user-generated content.

World Box Pros and Cons

  • Fun and creative game that lets you play as a god and experiment with different scenarios and outcomes .
  • Lots of features and content that make the game engaging and diverse .
  • Simple and intuitive interface that makes the game easy to play and control.
  • Still in early access, which means that the game is not complete and may have bugs, glitches, or performance issues .
  • Addictive and time-consuming, as you may lose track of time while playing the game.
  • Violent or disturbing, as you can use destructive powers to cause harm or death to your creations.

Our Reviews on Worldbox Mod APK

Worldbox Mod APK’s open-world gameplay and freedom to create and shape the world have been praised for their creativity and imagination like in Annelids Mod APK. The game’s simple and intuitive controls are known for making the game easy to play and easy to learn. Players also appreciate the game’s regular updates that add new features and improve game performance.

However, some players have found that the game can become repetitive after a while, with limited creature options and natural disasters. Some players have also found that the game can be unstable and prone to crashes, especially on low-end devices.

Graphics Quality

Worldbox features simple yet charming graphics that look like pixel art. The game’s graphics are colorful and lively with various landscapes and creatures that add to the game’s visual appeal. The game’s graphics aren’t very detailed, but they go well with the game’s simple and creative gameplay.

The Worldbox Mod APK’s graphics were appreciated for their unique style and artistic direction. However, some gamers have noticed that the game’s graphics can appear blurry or pixelated on larger screens, especially when playing on a PC.

Sound Quality

Worldbox features a simple and beautiful soundtrack, designed to fit the game’s pixel art style. The game’s sound effects are also well designed and match the various creatures and natural disasters in the game. The sound effects of natural disasters such as earthquakes and meteorites are particularly impressive and add to the immersive gaming experience.

The Worldbox Mod APK’s sound quality was praised for its simplicity and effectiveness in enhancing the gaming experience. However, some players have noticed that the in-game sound effects can become repetitive after a while, especially when playing for a long time.

Game Conclusion

Overall, Worldbox Mod APK is an excellent mobile game that allows players to let their creativity and imagination run wild. The game’s open-world gameplay and the freedom to create and shape the world make it a unique and fun experience. The game’s simple yet charming graphics and soundtrack enhance the gaming experience and add to the game’s visual and audio appeal. 

The Mod APK version of the game gives players access to additional features and content that would otherwise be locked in the original game. This allows players to enjoy the game without any restrictions or limitations and gives them a more satisfying gaming experience.


Yes, you can play Worldbox on a PC with the help of an Android emulator like BlueStacks or NoxPlayer.

Yes, you can play Worldbox offline once you have downloaded and installed the game and its additional data.

Worldbox Mod APK unlocks all premium features and content, providing players with a more fulfilling gaming experience.

 No, Worldbox is primarily a single-player game that allows players to create and shape their own world. However, players can share their worlds with other players online.