Download Traffic Racer Mod APK Unlimited Money & Unlocked

Traffic Racer Mod APK
App Name
Traffic Racer Mod APK
Publisher skgames
Version 3.5
Category Racing
Last Updated Sep 7, 2021
Requirement 5.0 and up
Size 86.7 MB
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4.4 Star Ratings


  • Unlimited Money

About The Game

Traffic Racer Mod APK is an exciting racing game developed by Soner Kara. This come comes with a variety of cars and different modes. The graphics of this game is 3D HD and with detailed environment. The theme of the game is to avoid traffic on the road and drive the car safely. If you’ll hit other vehicles,  the game will be over.

Traffic Racer has a diversity of different environments. You can drive cars in different environments as per your desire. You can purchase new cars and upgrade each one as you like. The controls of this game are so simple and you can set the new controls that best suit to you. If you also a carrom lover, download carrom pool mod apk with unlimited coins and gems.

Traffic Racer Mod APK Unlimited Money

Get an infinite amount of money by installing this Traffic Racer Mod APK. Purchase and upgrade vehicles without getting run out of money.

All modes Unlocked

Get all modes unlocked at the start. Play in your favorite mode without the limitations of completing missions.

All Cars Unlocked

All cars are unlocked from level 01. You can purchase the cars with your unlimited money and don’t need to level up for purchasing.

Why Mod Traffic Racer APK?

Most gamers prefer the modified version over the original game because of its amazing features. Traffic Racer Mod APK Unlimited money is one of the features which allows gamers to have an unlimited amount of cash in hand to buy different vehicles.

This Moded version also has a range of other features like all cars unlocked, so the players can play with their choice of car without waiting for that specific car to be unlocked. If you want to play the game with challenges and progress through levels, then go for the original version which is easily available on the google play store. 

Traffic Racer Mod APK unlimited money

Variety of Cars

There are 43 cars in the latest version of the Traffic Racer Mod APK. These cars range from ordinary road cars to top racing cars. Every car has its own features and capabilities. Along with cars,  you’ll also have trucks and pickup vehicles. You can unlock more cars from the game garage and customize each car as you want it to be.

Traffic Racer Different Modes

As with other Soner Kara games,  Traffic Racer has multiple modes.  Endless mode,  endless two-way, time trial, and new and exciting police chase mode. Each mode has its own features and set of rules. Let’s have a look at different traffic racer mod apk modes.

Endless mode – This mode has no ending and a player has to avoid other vehicles on road to play continuously. You can make a high score in this mode easily.

Endless mode two-way – This is the same as endless mode, the only change in this mode is two-way traffic which makes this mode challenging. Drive the car in opposite direction to score more.

Time trial mode – This mode offers an exciting and challenging driving experience. You’ll have to reach your destination in the given time and have to complete missions on time. With that,  you’ll have to make yourself safe on the road. To get more time,  do a close overtake on other vehicles. It will increase your time and will give you extra rewards.

Free Ride Mode – Free ride mode is good for testing the car’s capabilities. This model has no missions and no time. Players can drive the cars as much as they want to. You’ll have only 3 chances to hit other vehicles,  as soon as you’ll reach the limit, the game will be over.

Police chase mode – This is a new mode that is added in traffic Racer Mod APK. In this mode, you’ll act as police and will catch racing vehicles on the road. You’ll chase the racing vehicles and will hit them to neutralize their vehicles. While playing police chasing mode,  you’ll have some extra features on the screen. This mode will show the distance between you and the racing vehicles. On the right side,  there will be vehicle strength. When you’ll hit vehicles the strength will go down and you have to make the strength of racing vehicles to 0.

This mode is a super fast way of making in the game money. You’ll get more than a thousand of money by chasing each vehicle. While chasing beware of other traffic on the road,  if you’ll hit the other vehicles, you’ll be out of the game and will not be able to chase other vehicles.

Diversity of Environments

Traffic Racer mod apk has rich environments. Players can select suburbs for green environments.  There are also other environment options, desert, autumn,  rainy,  snowy, and midnight. Enjoy driving in all options and get a feel of all of this.

Cars Customization and Upgrading

You can customize every car as per your choice. You can change the colors of the cars, and modify the wheels and style of your car. Apply stickers for a better look at your car. Upgrade engine,  handling, and brakes for better controllability.

Requirements for Traffic Racer

Traffic Racer mod apk is HD graphic game and to run it seamlessly on your device,  make sure to meet recommended requirements,  but this game can be played at minimum requirements.

The minimum requirement for the game to play is having Android 5.0 and up along with 2 GB of Ram. Recommended requirements for this game are Android 7.0 along with 4 GB of RAM. 

Graphics Quality

This game has excellent graphics which attracts gamers towards it. In the popularity of this game, graphics played an important role. In the list of 33 cars in this game, every car has its own looks and even other cars on the road are looking real. 

From playing with a little car to the racing car, you will feel the realism of racing. Traffic Racer Mod APK also has a detailed environment with diverse natural surroundings. You will have snowy and rainy roads, desserts, and a city view. All these views have HD Quality graphics which add an immersive experience to this game.

Sound Quality

Sounds effect of this game is on the next level. Every car makes its own engine sound and that sound is different from others. All engine sounds are recorded real and follow the amount of acceleration given to the car. When you switch lanes with a drift, it makes the real sound of drift.

Overall, this game’s sound quality is one of the top features which increases the game’s popularity among its competitors. 

Game Conclusion

Traffic Racer Mod APK is an exciting racing game that offers players a unique experience. With its HD graphics and customizable controls, this game is highly reviewed on google play. This game is the meeting point for car lovers as they have a wide variety of cars and options for customization. In addition to this, the Moded version feature Traffic Racer Mod APK Unlimited money increases the game entertainment. Overall this game is exciting and challenging and must try it once if you love traffic games.


Yes, traffic racer can be played on PC with the help of a simulator.

Yes, you can play traffic racer offline. You will need to download the game once and after that, no internet connection is needed to play this game.

No, Currently traffic racer has no multiplayer mode.