Download Dr Driving Mod APK Unlimited Gold Coins & Ruby

Dr Driving Mod APK
App Name
Dr Driving Mod APK
Publisher SUD Inc
Version 1.69
Category Racing
Last Updated Feb 11, 2022
Requirement 4.1 and up
Size 12.4 MB
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4.5 Star Ratings


  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gold

About The Game

Dr Driving Mod APK is a driving game providing a real-life driving experience. It has many modes and a variety of cars to play with. The theme of the game is to complete missions without smashing your car into other objects. It’s graphics and vibrant colors are up to the mark. Different camera view options enhance the gameplay. 

Unlike Trafic Racer Mod APK, You also have multiplayer options to play with your friends. The online feature of this game allows players to compete with each other in real-time worldwide. This game offers a leaderboard as well that displays the best players around the world.

Dr Driving Mod APK Unlimited Gold Coins & Ruby

These are the main features of the moded version. You will get access to the premium features of the game by using Dr Driving Mod APK unlimited gold coins and ruby. 

Dr Driving Mod APK Unlimited Money

Use unlimited money to buy new cars and routes by using Dr Driving Mod APK Unlimited Money. You also can upgrade and customize the cars using this money. This money is infinite and never will end.

Unlocked All cars

Dr Driving Mod APK has all cars unlocked and no need to complete the missions for it. You can use a high-end sports car in the beginning.

Full fuel tank

In Mod APK, the fuel tank will always remain full. You will have unlimited fuel throughout the game to complete the missions easily.

Why Mod Dr Driving APK?

The modified version gives access to the premium features of dr driving. Players will have many extra features like Dr Driving Mod APK unlimited gold coins and ruby at their game without having to spend their real money for it.

Many gamers prefer to use the moded version over the original one. If you love to progress in the game and want to complete the mission step by step, then we will recommend playing the original version. The moded version has all things unlocked at the start of the game and you can play with your fav vehicle at the start.

Dr Driving Mod APK unlimited money

Variety of cars

Dr Driving Mod APK offers a wide variety of cars. Players can select a range of cars that includes sports cars, luxury cars, and even trucks. Select the vehicles that fit best your and your mission needs. Each vehicle has a special ability so make a strategy to use the vehicles in the different missions.

Select your route

Dr driving gives players the option to select their own route. Players can select countryside, deserts, and city highways to drive their cars on. This feature allows players to drive cars in different environments to variate their driving experience.

Multiplayer Mode

One of the amazing features of the dr driving mod apk is to play with your friends and other players worldwide. Select the fastest vehicle so you can win from other players. Make sure you did not hit your car into other vehicles or into roadsides to not lose from your opponents.

Different Game modes

Dr driving is rich in various game modes. Players have classic mode, drift mode, and challenging time trial mode. If you are a drifting lover and want to show your skills to your friends, then drift mode is for you. If you want to compete with the clock then choose time trial mode. All of these modes provide an exciting game experience and will engage this game.

Upgrade your vehicles

Dr driving mod apk allows players to upgrade their vehicles to get more output. Players can upgrade their car’s speed, handling, and acceleration. Upgrade your vehicles on time so you can compete with other players and complete missions on time.

Different Camera Views

One of the most impressive features of this game is to see your vehicles from different camera views that suit best to you. This helps players to customize their driving style experience and makes them focus on the road. 

Game Controls

The controls are dr driving mod apk is super easy and straightforward. Games offer different control styles, so every gamer can play them easily. By default, the player will have a steering-based control system and brake on the other side which gives a real driving experience. 

These default controls are easy to use but however, but the game offers customization in controls and a player can change controls as per their desire. The player can switch turning controls to tilt-based controls or button controls. Set controls that suit best to you and play the game in no time.

Another beautiful control feature is drift control. This will allow you to do drifts on the road and will help you to earn more coins. To get the drift controls, select drift mode before playing the game. Make sure the vehicle you selected for drift mode is a sports vehicle so you don’t smash it to the sides of the road.

Dr Driving Mod APK Unlimited gold coins and ruby

Game Requirements

This game can be run on low-end devices above 5.0 Android version and a RAM of 2 GB. To run this game seamlessly on your device, make sure to have 4GB of RAM and a gaming chipset in your mobile phone.

Graphics Quality

Graphics is an essential part of gaming and dr driving has mastered that. From cars to the environment, every aspect of the game is in High graphics. It comes with different camera angles and every angle has a high quality that feels real.

Many driving game players have praised dr driving for its realistic graphics and for this reason, Dr Driving has become the top driving game. 

Sound Quality

As with graphics quality, the sound quality of Dr Driving is also up to the mark. Every car has its own engine sound which makes the difference between cars. When cars collide with the roadside, the crash sound is so real. Overall, the sound quality is the premium feature of the game and makes the game more real.

Game Conclusion

Dr Driving Mod APK is one the best driving game. Its graphic and easy control makes this game the more downloaded game on google play with a rating of 4.5. Drive like a pro in the city of this game and earn more coins. With a variety of vehicles and upgrading options, this game is an excellent choice for car lovers. Download this game once and you will be addicted to playing this game every day.


Yes, Rocket Car Ball can be played offline, allowing players to enjoy the game without an internet connection.

Yes, Dr driving can be played online and offline.

Yes, you can play with friends and other players worldwide.