Download Cooking Fever Mod APK Everything Unlocked

cooking fever mod apk
App Name
Cooking Fever Mod APK
Publisher Nordcurrent Games
Version 18.0.1
Category Casual
Last Updated Apr 3, 2023
Requirement 6.0 and up
Size 148 MB
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4.7 Star Ratings


  • Unlimited Money and Gems

About The Game

Cooking Fever Mod APK is an addictive time management game that allows players to put their cooking skills to the test. Developed by Nordcurrent, the game offers a wide range of restaurants, dishes, and challenges for a diverse audience. Players are tasked with preparing, cooking, and serving delicious meals for their customers while efficiently managing their time to keep everyone happy.

Players can not only improve their time management skills but also customize their restaurants, upgrade kitchen appliances, and unlock new recipes. The game offers hundreds of levels in different locations and guarantees hours of entertainment for both casual and dedicated players.

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Cooking Fever Mod APK All Unlocked

By using a modded Cooking Fever APK, players can unlock all the game’s features, restaurants, and levels without having to work hard for in-game currency.

Cooking Fever Mod APK Unlimited Money and Gems

A Modded APK also gives players unlimited money and gems, allowing them to fully explore and enjoy the game without worrying about resource limitations.

Why Mod Cooking Fever APK?

By using a modified APK (Android Package Kit) of Cooking Fever, players will get access to benefits like unlimited money and gems. These resources allow players to unlock all features, restaurants, and levels without spending hours searching for in-game currency. With a mod APK, players can focus more on enjoying the game and exploring its content rather than worrying about the limitations imposed by the game’s progression system.

cooking fever mod apk unlimited xp

For PC

Although Cooking Fever Mod APK was originally developed for mobile devices, it can also be enjoyed on a PC. To play on a computer, players can use an Android emulator such as BlueStacks or NoxPlayer.These emulators enable users to run Android apps and games on their PCs, providing a broader and more immersive gaming experience.

Playing Cooking Fever on a PC has its perks. The larger screen and more precise keyboard and mouse control can make fast-paced gaming more enjoyable. Additionally, gamers can benefit from better performance due to the superior hardware found in most computers.

For iOS

Cooking Fever is also available for iOS devices including iPhones and iPads.The game is free to download from the Apple App Store, where it has received numerous positive reviews and a high rating. The iOS version of Cooking Fever offers the same gameplay and addictive features as its Android counterpart.

Players on iOS devices can also enjoy regular updates and new content, ensuring a fresh and exciting gaming experience. The game is optimized for iOS, which offers smooth gameplay and a user-friendly interface that lends itself well to touchscreen controls.

Can We Play It Offline?

Cooking Fever Mod APK can be played offline, making it a perfect game for those times when you don’t have internet access. The game allows players to progress through levels and complete challenges without requiring an active internet connection. This feature is ideal for long drives, trips, or situations where connectivity is limited or unavailable.

However, some features and functions of the game may not be available in offline mode. For example, certain events or daily rewards may require an internet connection in order to participate. Regardless, the core game experience remains intact and enjoyable even when playing offline.

Our Reviews on Cooking Fever Mod APK

Cooking Fever is a highly entertaining and addicting game that has captivated millions of players around the world. The addictive gameplay, diverse content, and appealing graphics make it a must-play for fans of time management and cooking games. The game’s learning curve is smooth, allowing players of all skill levels to enjoy the experience and hone their skills over time.

Plus, regular updates and new content keep the game fresh and exciting for players. The developers have shown their commitment to refining and expanding the game to ensure it remains the best choice for casual and dedicated gamers alike.

By playing this game with mod features like Cooking Fever Mod APK Unlimited Money and Gems and Cooking Fever Mod APK All Unlocked, the gaming experience chart goes high. It not only increased the overall gaming feel but players can increase their gaming level faster than their competitors.

Graphics Quality

Cooking Fever graphics are vibrant, colorful, and visually appealing. The game’s visual style is cartoonish and lighthearted, which complements the fast-paced and fun gameplay. Each restaurant, dish, and decor is carefully designed and shows a high level of attention to detail.

In addition, the animations are smooth and responsive, providing a satisfying and immersive gaming experience. The game works well on different devices, ensuring that players can enjoy the beautiful graphics of the game regardless of their device capabilities.

Sound Quality

The sound quality in Cooking Fever is exceptional and enhances the overall gaming experience. The game features a catchy and upbeat soundtrack that keeps players entertained and engaged with the game. Sound effects for cooking, serving, and other in-game actions are clear and timely, providing players with useful auditory feedback.

In addition, the game’s audio design complements its graphics, creating a cohesive and fun atmosphere. The combination of high-quality music and sound effects helps players fully immerse themselves in the fast-paced world of Cooking Fever.

Game Conclusion

Cooking Fever Mod APK is an amazing time management game that boasts engaging gameplay, attractive graphics, and quality sound. Its extensive content and regular updates ensure players enjoy a consistent gaming experience. Whether you play on Android, iOS, or PC, Cooking Fever is a must for fans of time management and cooking games.


Yes, Cooking Fever is free to play, but it offers in-app purchases for various items and features.

Yes, you can play Cooking Fever offline, but some features may not be available without an internet connection.

To play Cooking Fever on a PC, you can use an Android emulator like BlueStacks or NoxPlayer to run the game.

Yes, Cooking Fever is available for iOS devices and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store.

A modded APK offers benefits such as unlimited money and gems, as well as unlocking all features, restaurants, and levels in the game.