Download Carrom Pool Mod APK (Unlimited Coins, Gems + Easy Win)

Carrom Pool Mod APK
App Name
Carrom Pool Mod APK
Version 15.1.0
Category Casual
Last Updated
Requirement 5.0 and up
Size 21 MB
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4.7 Star Ratings


  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Gems

To download Carrom Pool Mod APK, Follow these simple steps:

  • Click on Download Button given above, and Carrom Pool will start downloading.
  • Once downloaded, make sure to allow unknown source installation from setting.
  • Click on APK file to begin installation.
Carrom Pool mod apk

About The Game

Carrom Pool is an online multiplayer game developed by Miniclip that lets you experience Carrom Pool virtually on your Android and iOS phones with excellent graphics, sound effects, and other special features.  

The game comes with three different modes, Disc Pool, Carrom Pool, and Freestyle. You can play any of these as a single-player offline in practice mode or multiplayer online with other users. You can enjoy this game even more by playing with friends, family members, or anyone you want to play with.

By downloading the Carrom Pool mod apk from your website, you will get access to special features such as unlocked strikers, unlocked coins and gems, and many more. This article covered in detail the special features of the Carrom Pool mod apk, how to download and play, and other game features. You can also Download Manok na Pula Mod APK for cock fighting game.

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Carrom Pool Mod APK Unlimited Coins & Gems

The modified version has the feature of Carrom Pool Mod APK Unlimited coins and gems which allow players to have access to unlimited resources and they can win the games easily.

One of the strongest motives to download the mod game from here is because it offers unlimited coins, gold, and gems. Carrom Pool gives coins and gems every time you win the game. Due to our mod features, you will almost all the games you play and can earn unlimited coins, gems, and gold.

Unlimited Strikers Unlocked

Strikers in the game can be unlocked with the points you earned when you win any game. There are different Strikers available in the equipment section of the game. With our Carrom Pool mod apk features, you can earn unlimited coins and gems and can unlock your favorite strikers in the game.

All Levels Unlocked

Carrom Pool is an excellent game to play. As you play the game more and more, new and advanced levels will be unlocked which will keep your interest in the game. You can unlock all the levels by playing and winning more games which is very easy by downloading the Carrom Pool mod apk from here. So download now and unlocked all the levels.

Chests Unlocked

All the chests like Supreme Chest, Paris Stage Bronze Chest, and Master Chest with many other options are fully unlocked in our mod apk. In the official version of the game available on Play Store or App Store, you will have to play real currency in order to make it unlocked. All the Chests are located in the shop’s section of the game. You can unlock and select from there.

Download and play Carrom Disc Pool Mod APK and enjoy its another version with new some new moded features.

Free Of Cost

Carrom Pool mod apk is totally free to download and play. Despite having many mod features, we keep it free for our users. You don’t have to buy anything to play the game. So download it free and enjoy.

Free Shops Items

As we mentioned above, all the items like chests, strikers, levels, coins, and gems can be unlocked by going to the shop section of the Carrom Pool game. To unlock these items, you must have coins or gems in your account. In our mod apk, you don’t need any kind of these game currencies to unlock these items, it will be already opened for you. 

Why Mod Carrom Pool APK?

Moded Carrom Pool APK helps players to win against their opponents easily. There are some extra features added to the modified version like Carrom Pool Mod APK Unlimited coins and gems. Because of these features, many pool lovers gamers prefer to play moded versions.

Carrom Pool Mod APK unlimited gems

Additional Information:

APK NameCarrom Pool Mod apk
Updated On January 11, 2023
CategoryBoard Game
Get Official Version Google Play Store


To download and install the Carrom Pool mod apk on your device, you will need an Android phone version 5.0 and up to play. Carrom Pool is based on 3D graphics but you can play this game even if you have 512 MB of RAM. The mobile storage should have a minimum of 200MB free to install this game. If you want to play multiplayer online with other users, a good internet connection is required for this. 

Download Carrom Pool Mod APK

Download Carrom Pool Mod APK by clicking on the above ‘download’ button and enjoy unlimited coins, gems, and money. We are providing you with the best mod apk so it runs efficiently on all mobiles without any errors.

How to Install Carrom Pool Mod APK:

  1. Click on the ‘download button’ above to download on your mobile.
  2. Delete any old version of the game installed on your phone.
  3. Once downloaded, go to the download folder and click on the apk file to install. Make sure your data is turned off before installation.
  4. If it required permission to turn on unknown sources, please allow Google by going to Settings > Security > Allow unknown sources
  5. Once installed, click on the game icon and enjoy!

Carrom Pool Game Features

Besides Mod Apk, the Carrom Pool game has a variety of excellent features which drives the attention of more than 4 Million users. Here are some of its main features:

Multiplayer Game

The main feature of Carrom Pool game is a multiplayer game. It’s a feature that enables the players to play the game worldwide online with anyone they want. The players can play randomly with anyone based on the algorithm of Carrom Pool or they can play specifically with their Facebook friends by inviting them, family members, etc. Although it’s online, you will never feel any kind of lag or other issues. It will run smoothly on a normal internet connection.

Modes Variety

There are different modes in the game you can play. Some modes are available online while others can be playable offline. You can play three modes online which are freestyle, Carrom, and Disc Pool. The rest of the others are available offline. Playing in different modes will grab and keep your interest in the game while playing. You can switch into different modes by swapping to the right or to the left of your screen.

Realistic Graphics and Controls

The graphics and especially the controls of this game are totally amazing. The elements of this game are well designed in sync with the sound effects of each element. The colors are bright and will give you a 3D feel. The controls in this game will let you enjoy yourself like you are playing physically. You can control the position of strikers in the bottom bar, while the power with your hands while striking. 

Carrom Pool Mod APK unlimited coins

Playing Options

As we mentioned, you can play three modes online in the game. Inside these modes, there are different playing options available based on Prize, Entry fee. Each Playing option has its own specific rules. To play these different options, you must have their Entry fee which is coins in your account. Some of them are Time limited and will end after a specific time.

Below are the detailed table:

NameEntry Fees (coins)Prize (coins)
Paris Stage200 400
Lahore Lounge5001000
London Park26005000
Tokyo Palace40007500
Manali Ice Rink39007500
Istanbul Bazaar550010000
Dubai Skybar1100020000
Barcelona Paradise2700050000
Manali Ice Rink Pro2600050000
Karachi Arena55000100k
Cairo Gallery 140k250k
Sao Paulo Theater170k300k
Manali Ice Rink Master210k400k
New York Square280k500k
Singapore Plaza580k1M

Offline Practice Mode:

The game also supports offline mode when the phone does not have an active internet connection. You can still enjoy the game by playing it offline. Offline, you can play in four different modes:

  1. Disc Pool
  2. Freestyle Disc Pool
  3. Carrom
  4. Freestyle Carrom

Each of these modes has its own rules to win the game. As it is offline, you have control over both players. This is a great way to practice and make your favorite shots in the game.


Winning rewards in this game is super easy. You can earn it in multiple ways. 

In the free rewards section, you can earn coins by watching the ads. Apart from coins, you can also earn gems and boxes by just watching video ads.

If you are confident in your game skills, you can earn huge rewards through the Lucky Shot feature. In this, you have to reach the puck in the given highlighted area. The more you will be close to that area, the huge will be the rewards.

The game also offers special events and challenges to the player to earn rewards. 

Special Events and Challenges

The game offers many Special events and challenges at a different parts of the progress. The events vary from time to time. Every Event has a specific time and special rewards at the end. You can find all the events by clicking on the Events option in the bottom menu. Tap to play and enjoy!


There are three types of equipment available in the game with different variations. Strikers, Powers, and Pucks. There are multiple strikers available that you can unlock and can use. Strikers are differentiated by their Force, Aim, and Time. Unlocking and upgrading equipment gives you points to unlock new powers. There will be different designs and colors of Pucks which you can use.


Leaderboards are the place where you will find top players in the game. The result may vary based on Leagues, Friends, Country, and worldwide. The prizes are dedicated to the top 50 players. Top players in Carrom Pool

The Prize details are:

Leagues6000 coins3000 coins1000 coins300 coins
Friends1500 coins750 coins400 coins300 coins
Country1000 gems750 gems200 gems75 gems
World5000 gems2500 gems1000 gems500 gems

Tips and Tricks for Carrom Pool

  • If a friends notification disturbs you while you are playing the game then you can turn it off by going to Settings > Show Notification While Playing > Off.
  • Carrom pool mod apk takes some days to update your Facebook account in case you changed something.  If you want to update quickly then clear the data of your game and log in again.
  • You will master the Carrom Pool game once you become good at using the flick. You have to improve your shot speed and direction
  • By unlocking more strikers and pucks will help you in improving. Each striker has its own attributes so it will give you good shots.
  • Block the bottom holes of the table will make it difficult for your opponent to pot the pucks and you will easily win the game.
  • Try different modes of the game, it will help you in improving your shots in any situation.
  • Practicing in offline mode will enhance your skill in this game. Also in local multiplayer with your friends, you can improve your weak points.

User rating

Users are loving this game. There are over 100M downloads of the Carrom Pool game with an overall 4.2-star rating out of 5 stars on the Google Play Store and 4.6-start rating on App Store. 

How to play

The playing rules are different for the different versions and modes of the game we listed table above. We will guide you to the general rules which are common in all.

At starting, there will be 12 pucks available on the table. In order to win, you must have pot your 6 black pucks. You will have a short time for doing so. If you pot the striker by mistake, your one point will be decreased.

You can control the position and power of your striker easily. To control the position, you can use the bottom bar and move it to the right or left. The power can be controlled by swiping to the opposite side of the striker. The more you swipe through the more power will be generated.

You will win the game if you pot your 6 pucks before your opponent. 

Our Reviews

The game is fun to play especially if you have an interest in indoor games. The game is good graphics, controls, and sound effects which give users a good experience and positive vibes. The multiplayer option in the game makes it more charming and attractive to the users. The game has many modes, rewards, levels, and items at shops which make this game unique from other online games.

So, if you have an interest in table games, then this game is for you. Give it a try and you will not regret playing it.


You can earn coins which are the default currency of this game and can be used to unlock different items at the shop. Another thing you will be rewarded with is XP which will increase by winning more matches.

Yes, the game offers in-app purchases which will help you to get through faster in the game journey.

You can play this game on Android and iOS devices.

There is no official game available for PC by their developers. But you can still play by using any emulator.

yes, you can play this game offline in practice mode.