Candy Manor Mod APK Latest Version (Unlimited Stars and Coins)

candy manor mod apk
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Candy Manor Mod APK




Mar 15, 2023

4.4 and up

76 MB

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4.5 Star Ratings


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About The Game

Candy Manor Mod APK is a mobile game that belongs to the puzzle genre, developed and published by Tengames. This game revolves around solving match-3 puzzles, where players have to swap candies and create a match of three or more candies to progress through the levels. The game is designed with vibrant colors, cute candy characters, and attractive backgrounds to keep the players hooked.

Candy Manor offers a wide range of levels with increasing difficulty as the player progresses. The game also offers exciting power-ups and boosters, such as rainbow candies, bombs, and rockets, to help players complete the levels. Players can also compete with their friends and other players worldwide through the game’s leaderboard, making the game more social and competitive.

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Mod APK Features

Candy Manor Mod APK Unlimited Stars and Money

Candy Manor Mod APK offers players unlimited money and stars, which allows them to buy power-ups and boosters, unlock levels and advance quickly in the game. Mod APK is designed to work smoothly on both Android and iOS devices and players can install it without any security concerns.

Why Mod Candy Manor APK?

Candy Manor Mod APK offers players to get unlimited money and stars, which they can use to purchase power-ups and boosters, unlock levels, and progress quickly through the game. Using the Mod APK saves time and effort that would have otherwise been spent on completing levels and earning stars to unlock new levels.

Moreover, using the Candy Manor Mod APK is entirely safe and does not pose any threat to the players’ devices. The modded version is designed to function smoothly on both Android and iOS devices, and players can install it without any security concerns.

Candy Manor Mod APK latest version

For PC

Candy Manor is a mobile game and is not designed to run on PCs directly. However, players can use an emulator software such as Bluestacks or NoxPlayer to run the game on their PCs. Emulator software creates an environment that mimics a mobile device, allowing players to run mobile games on their PCs seamlessly.

Using Candy Manor Mod APK on PC offers a larger screen, better graphics quality, and more comfortable gameplay than mobile devices. Players can use a mouse or keyboard for controls instead of touchscreen controls, making the gameplay even smoother.

For iOS

Candy Manor is available for both Android and iOS devices. Players can download the game directly from the App Store on their iOS devices. The game’s requirements for iOS devices are iOS 9.0 or later and a minimum of 277.4 MB of free storage space.

The iOS version of Candy Manor offers the same gameplay, features, and benefits as the Android version. Players can compete with their friends through the Game Center, a social platform designed specifically for iOS users.

Can we play it Offline?

Yes, Candy Manor Mod APK can be played offline. The game does not require an internet connection to play, making it a perfect game to play on the go or in areas with limited internet connectivity.

Playing Candy Manor offline does not affect the game’s features or benefits. Players can still use power-ups and boosters, compete with their friends, and progress through the levels.

Our Reviews on Candy Manor Mod APK

Candy Manor has received positive reviews from players around the world. Players have praised the game’s colorful graphics, addictive gameplay, and challenging levels. The game’s social features, such as competing with friends and players from around the world, were also appreciated.

Some players have complained about the difficulty of the game, stating that the levels become too challenging as the player progresses. However, this is seen as a positive by some players who enjoy the challenging nature of the game.

Graphics Quality

Candy Manor Mod APK features high quality graphics with vibrant colors and attractive backgrounds. as like the same experience game Masala Express Mod APK. The cute characters in the game are cute and designed to arouse the interest of the players. The graphics are optimized for mobile devices, which makes the game run smoothly on all devices.

The graphical quality of the game is one of its strongest points, which makes it stand out from other matches 3 puzzle games. The graphics are designed to appeal to players of all ages.

Sound Quality

Candy Manor also features high quality sound effects and background music. The sound effects are designed to complement the game and make it more attractive and fun. The background music is upbeat and upbeat, creating a positive and upbeat atmosphere as you play the game.

The sound quality of the Candy Manor Mod APK is also optimized for mobile devices, which ensures that it runs smoothly on all devices. The sound quality combined with the game’s graphics creates an immersive gaming experience for gamers.

Game Conclusion

Candy Manor is a fun and addictive match 3 game that features exciting gameplay, vivid graphics and high quality sound effects. The game is perfect for players of all ages who enjoy challenging puzzles and social competition.

Mod APK of the game offers players additional benefits like unlimited money and stars, making it easy for them to progress through the levels and compete with their friends.

All in all, Candy Manor Mod APK is a very fun game that will keep players hooked for hours.


To download the Candy Manor Mod APK, Click on the download button at the top of the web and then on installation from unknown sources in your mobile settings to install the game.

Candy Manor is a mobile game and is not designed to run on PCs directly. However, players can use an emulator software such as Bluestacks or NoxPlayer to run the game on their PCs.