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among us mod apk
App Name
Among Us Mod APK
Publisher Innersloth LLC
Version 2023.3.28
Category Arcade
Last Updated Mar 27, 2023
Requirement 6.0 and up
Size 345 MB
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4.6 Star Ratings


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About The Game

Among Us Mod APK was developed by InnerSloth and this is an exciting online multiplayer game that has won the hearts of gamers around the world. Set in a space-themed setting, players take on one of two roles: crew members or imposters. The crewmates’ goal is to complete tasks onboard the spaceship and identify imposters. The goal of scammers is to eliminate crew members without getting caught.

This addictive game emphasizes social reasoning and communication as players work together to uncover the scammers lurking beneath them. Released in 2018, Among Us enjoyed massive popularity in 2020 as people looked for connections during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is available on various platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows.

Among Us Mod Menu

Among Us mod menu is a feature that allows players to access various cheat options such as: While these features can provide a novel experience, they can also detract from the game’s intended experience and upset the balance between crewmates and imposters. Please handle such modifications responsibly and be aware of the possible consequences.

Among Us Mod APK Always Imposter

Guaranteeing that the player will always be the imposter, An Among Us Mod APK always imposter can be an exciting way to explore the game from a new perspective. 

Why Mod Among Us Mod APK

The modified version includes features like always being the imposter, having an unlocked mod menu, or having access to premium outfits and pets. This can improve the gaming experience for players looking for new challenges or want to explore the game from a different perspective.

However, it is important to be careful when using Mod APK as they may contain malware or violate the game’s Terms of Service. Always download from reputable sources and be aware of potential risks.

among us mod apk always imposter

For PC

Among Us for PC offers an immersive gaming experience as players can enjoy the game on a larger screen and use a keyboard and mouse for controls. In addition, the PC version includes cross-platform play, allowing for collaboration with friends on different devices. The PC version is available on Steam and requires a small fee, but its popularity justifies the cost.

The game’s system requirements are minimal, which ensures accessibility for players with different hardware capabilities. Consequently, Among Us runs smoothly on most PCs and allows players to delve into the alluring world of deception and teamwork.

For iOS

Among Us on iOS offers a seamless gaming experience for iPhone and iPad users. Available on the App Store, this version of the game is free to download with optional in-app purchases for cosmetic items. The touchscreen controls are intuitive and easy to use, ensuring players of all ages and skill levels can join in the fun.

Cross-platform gaming allows iOS users to connect with friends on Android or PC, making it a great choice for those looking for an accessible and portable gaming option.

Can We play it Offline?

A social deduction-based multiplayer game, Among Us Mod APK was designed to be played online with others. To experience the full extent of the game, players will need an internet connection to join a public lobby or create a private room with friends.

However, there is an unofficial “practice mode” that can be played offline. By hosting a local game and playing alone, players can familiarize themselves with the map and the tasks. Although this mode lacks the excitement of playing with others, it can be useful for new players or those looking to improve their game.

Our Reviews on Among Us Mod APK

Among Us has quickly become a popular game in the mobile gaming community. The simple yet engaging gameplay encourages cooperation and strategic thinking as players work together to identify the imposters among themselves. The game’s versatile setup can be adjusted to different player preferences to ensure it stays fresh and exciting.

A downside to the game is that the experience can be heavily influenced by the players in a lobby. Poor sportsmanship or uncooperative players can make the game difficult to enjoy. However, when played with a group of friends or in a well-moderated public lobby, Among Us will provide hours of entertainment.

Graphics Quality 

The graphics of Among Us Mod APK are simple and charming, with 2D characters and environments that are easily recognizable. The game’s cartoon style helps create a light-hearted atmosphere despite the underlying deception and sabotage. This design choice ensures that the game remains accessible on a variety of devices and is suitable for players of all ages.

While the graphics aren’t cutting-edge, they’re more than adequate for the purpose of the game. Simple graphics allow players to focus on gameplay and strategy instead of being overwhelmed by complex graphics.

Sound Quality

The sound quality in Among Us Mod APK is appropriate to the theme and atmosphere of the game. The background music is understated, creating a sense of suspense and tension without being overbearing. Sound effects such as footsteps and noises made when completing quests provide auditory clues that can aid players in their investigations.

The game’s sound design, while not groundbreaking, effectively complements the graphics and overall gaming experience. Audio adds another level of immersion, enhancing the thrill of chasing scammers or avoiding detection.

Game Conclusion

Among Us Mod APK is a very attractive multiplayer game that has won the hearts of millions. Its simple but addictive gameplay combined with its beautiful graphics and sound design makes it stand out in the world of mobile games. Although the game is best played online, its cross-platform capabilities and accessible design ensure it can be enjoyed by a wide range of players. As with any game, mods should be used responsibly so as not to detract from the intended experience.


Among Us is available on Android, iOS, and Windows (PC).

Among Us is free to download and play on Android and iOS devices, with optional in-app purchases. The PC version requires a small fee to purchase on Steam.

Among Us is primarily an online multiplayer game, but you can play a limited “practice mode” offline by hosting a local game and playing solo.

Yes, Among Us supports cross-platform play, allowing friends on Android, iOS, and PC to play together.